Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair


The Foundation of any home is literally what it’s built on.  We’ll help make sure it’s sound.

Whether it’s water in your basement or cracks that continue to get bigger, foundations in Wisconsin require repairs for many reasons.  Those reason range from type of soil to the way the foundation was built.  We’ll help identify the problems as well as the solutions.Read More

Things to consider

Got Cracks?

If your stairstep cracks in your block or brick wall that are more than 1/4 inch wide, you need to stop them from expanding but also diagnose the problem causing the cracks and develop a solution to prevent it in the future. 

Have Water Coming In?

Wisconsin basements see their fair share of water and it’s important to understand the causes for excess water around your home.  

Is It Even?

If your foundation starts to tip, bow or show signs of significant damage, you may need some additional support.  Bracing can be the solution to your issue.  We will come diagnose the issue and get the right support for the space. 

What to Expect From Verette


Our Promise

At the end of each day, Verette Construction will cover the work area to protect your family from dangerous falls and our work from the elements. We realize that excavation can be a disruptive process, so our crews go out of their way to provide a safe and clean work area. All of our machinery is landscape friendly and we clean up when the work is completed.

Depending on the size of the project, excavation work will take at least a week. We are certified, bonded and insured for your protection and ours!